Friday, April 10, 2009

Digging on Priscilla and Aquilla

I have just completed two bible studies, "A Woman's Heart" at my church, and a study of Acts that began last September through Just for Women's Ministry. This is the hardest time for me in my quiet time. In the past I've had some really great personal bible studies and then I've had some times when I just bounced around looking for something. I can't just read a short devotion in the morning and be ready for my day. Just like I love a big breakfast, and really, I would eat bacon and eggs with toast and jelly every morning if I could; I just need a big douse of God before I get going or I never really get going.

I use to teach Sunday School(recently stepped down from that). Last year we used a daily devotion book on women of the bible. One Sunday I taught a lesson on Priscilla and since that time, I have been intrigued by her. So. . . .

On this past Monday morning I began digging on Priscilla and Aquilla. Don't know where it will lead me but I have already had a couple of big aha moments. So for now when I blog I'll be chewing on this. Oh yeah, I'm using the inductive study method to try to dig - the who, what, when, where, why, and how - questions. If anyone does read this and you discover I am misunderstanding something, feel free to call me on it. We all need to be accountable.

Romans 16:3-5

These three verses found at the end of Romans contain alot of tidbits that add up to a really full meal.

Paul is closing this letter and asks for GREETINGS to be given to:
1 - Prisca and Aquila
2 - All the churches of the Gentiles
3 - The church in Prisca and Aquila's home
4 - Epaenetus

My "WHY" question that day was: Why is Paul GREETING them?
1 - Prisca and Aquila are fellow workers in Christ, they risked their necks for Paul, he wanted to say thank you, they had a church in their home
2 - Paul was thanking all the churches of the Gentiles, fellow believers
3 - Paul was greeting fellow believers
4 - Paul was greeting fellow believer, even 1st believer in Asia

It took me about 40 minutes to get through to my "HOW" questions for the day. I asked God, so HOW does this apply to me? I came up with four questions I needed to ask myself.

1. Do I GREET my fellow workers in Christ?
I thought about church and asked my self, "Do I just greet those people at church that I know well?" Probably yes. I speak to alot of people but I don't know that I always greet everyone.

The word GREET in Greek is aspazomai. It means to welcome, greet. Ok I could just stop right there. I know I don't always welcome everyone. Gotta work on that one.

2. Do I stand up for my fellow workers in Christ?
Ok gotta work on that one, too. There are times when I just don't speak up and I know I should. Prisca (I just love that nickname) and Aquila not only stood up but risked their necks for Paul and for Christ.

3. Do I thank my fellow workers in Christ for what they do?
I do pretty good on this one. I can always improve but I try to make it a point of thanking people wherever I am for what they do for me. I, also, in the past couple of years have tried very hard to look people in the eye when they thank me for something and say "You are welcome". Did you notice, there's that word, aspazomai. To acknowledge thanks is greeting, too!!!

4. Do I reach out beyond the believers I know or do I stay in my little circle?
Gotta really work on this one. I get as tongue tied as Moses when I am around people I don't know or in an unfamiliar situation. Need me an Aaron or need to trust God more.

Ok, so at work on Tuesday morning, a new patient came in. I GREETED her, said the usual, then told one of my fellow workers that I just couldn't key her in. That means I didn't want to register her. This new patient smelled horrible. I don't just mean a little bit bad I mean she smelled like she had smoked 20 packs of cigarettes in a small room and then walked in our door. I didn't register her, one of my co-workers took care of that.

I left to go marketing and while I was driving to my second stop, it hit me so hard, tears filled my eyes. I did not GREET this person. I did not WELCOME her. I did everything but run from her. God and I had a conversation about that right then and there. When I got back to work I went to "the child" and told her about this. My question to her was, "What opportunity did I just pass up by not GREETING this person?"

I pray God will help me to keep my eyes wide open so that I won't fail to GREET his children.

Romans 16:3-5 Three little verses that I have read many, many times and never paid close attention to until now.


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