Saturday, January 7, 2012

Something to look forward to. . .

My mother-in-law lent me a book, Praying For Strangers by River Jordan.

I know it made an impact on her just by the way she wouldn't stop looking for the book so she could lend it to me.

I did a little research and found River Jordan's blog and found River Jordan on facebook. Read some and found the 12 keys in 12 weeks.

The week of Feb 20, 2012 I will take a week away from work. Don't know if I will stay home or go away. My desire is to spend the week at the beach in a FREE place. (Don't have the funds to spend on that extravagance so may just have to spend it right in my own home. I have let God know this desire.)

Anyway, I will be finished with all of my teaching/leading responsibilities in Bible study for awhile on February 18th. So, I am going to begin the 12 keys in 12 weeks and just see where God will lead me.

Anybody want to join me?

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