Friday, February 24, 2012

Back Home

I am back home. I am GLAD to be back home. NC was awesome. I believe as I think about that time away more and more, it will become even more special.

I am doing a biblical word study of the word WAY. A friend asked me to share with her what I have learned so far. This is the email I sent her.

Without looking at my notes - two things are uppermost in my mind about being on God's way.

First, The word "ways" in Psalm 103:7 (He made his ways known to Moses, his deeds to the sons of Israel) is present tense in the original Hebrew and the word deeds is past tense in the original Hebrew. Makes me believe that Moses was "present" on the way, right there while God was happening and the sons of Israel got to hear about what had happened.

That's really basic and I may just have to dig deeper on that. I never learned verb tenses very well and I struggle with that lack of knowledge. Doesn't mean I can't learn it now.

Second, I don't remember specifically where this verse is in the Old Testament. It is found in the story of Joseph coming to Jacob as Jacob is dying. Jacob perks up and talks with Joseph. He tells him about Rachel dying while he was "still on the way". Made me contemplate sorrows. We know we will have sorrows on the way but it made it very clear to me again.

(I have deleted the next paragraph I sent her because it has specific names in it and I don't have their permission to use their names. So I will summarize what I said to her)
This scripture brought a friend to my mind whose husband passed away in
November. She is "still on the way" without that man beside her. She
shines with God's glory as she walks this path of grief. Also, the person
who asked me to share with her, has been walking the way, the path of grief
since 2005. Her son passed away at the age of 17. She and her husband
are "still on the way" without their child.

I KNOW many things bring sorrows to us. I KNOW in my mind and my heart that we have to remain "on the way" if we want to see God's glory in the present and not just hear about it. I KNOW I am to love God with all my heart, all my mind, and all my soul. I KNOW my feet get ahead of my heart, my mind, and my soul many times.

SO, I am seeking to teach my feet to follow God as I love Him with all my heart and all my mind and all my soul so I will stay "on the way".

There are other, in fact, lots of other things that I heard and saw while I studied in NC. I just need my notes. So I'll share some more later. Thank you for asking. It made me think.

I think we should all be asking each other to share what we are learning. It will keep us on our toes. So I thank my friend for asking me when I got BACK HOME what I learned.

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