Thursday, September 27, 2012


My mother, Maxine Patterson, is sitting between me and my brother in the picture above.  She is one amazing lady.

We are in a Bible study together on Tuesday evenings.  We have 6 small groups studying the book of James.  She is actually part of the welcome team each week.  She surprised me the first night when she asked to be in my small group. 

This week our Mission Opportunity is to minister to someone in need.  We were instructed to ask God to show us the opportunity and then we are to act on it.

Well, yesterday I was allowed the opportunity to witness my mother taking an opportunity to minister to someone and at the same time live the scripture from Matthew when Jesus responds with the question, "Who is my mother? and who are my brothers?

I went with my mother to her annual physical checkup.  I wanted to meet her doctor (again) and hear what he had to say about a couple of concerns I, along with my siblings, had.  After her checkup (which went very well) we got to go out for lunch.  We had some delicious food and some great conversation.

When we returned to her home, she looked out her front window and saw a lady who had been her neighbor until just a week or so ago coming out of the apartment next to hers.  She wondered out loud if Mrs. Blackman needed a ride back to the resident's hall.  I told her to go find out if she wanted to do that.  She did.  She came back inside, looked at me and said, "I'm not trying to run you off but she needs a ride."  She got her keys and didn't wait for me to leave first; she headed out the backdoor.

I could have had my feelings hurt a little.  I did just take the whole day off work to spend it with her.  I am her daughter, family.  I could have just said I would wait on her but she really didn't give me that option.  She didn't have to look at me and say, "Who is my daughter? and who is my sister?"  She demonstrated it.

I heard the Holy Spirit whispering to me - Look at this Child of God responding to a need without thinking.
What a lesson.  What a blessing.  I am one of the luckiest daughters in the world.

I do love Maxine Elaine Voss Patterson.


  1. I comment on my post because no one else reads them. That's pretty bad. And in fact right now I am laughing. So good post Beckie. Thanks for sharing your mom!!

  2. You are totally crazy! I read your posts. And you are a very good writer.