Monday, February 9, 2009

Lesson From a Child

Everyone should have a child in their life like the one I have in my life. This child does not belong to me and to many she would not be considered a child. She has been given a very large measure of faith from our heavenly Father and she shares this faith without hesitation. Many days we talk about the book we will write together and I have said my half of the book would be titled "Lessons From A Child". She takes everyday happenings and turns them into practical lessons. The lesson she taught me awhile back and that I have shared with several people is on my mind tonight. She taught me to ask myself, "Is it my turn?"

I asked the child one day, "how come you never seem to be in a bad mood?" The child is a country girl and sometimes proper English will go right over her head. So I ask her "how come" alot. Anyway she told me that she found out right after she got married that she and her husband couldn't be in a bad mood at the same time because it just didn't work. So she decided that whenever her husband seemed to be in a bad mood that she would tell herself that it wasn't her turn to be in a bad mood. She could have a bad mood later. By putting off her bad mood, she found that she didn't have very many bad moods. So in life, wherever she is, if her day isn't going just right she checks first to see if someone else has claimed being in a bad mood. If they have by their words or actions then it just isn't her turn. What can I tell you? Makes perfect sense to me. If more us, including me, would just check out to see if it really is our turn to be in a bad mood I bet there would be alot less bad moods out there.

So that's it. The first "Lesson From a Child". By the way, the child, came up to me as I was leaving work today and said, "I just love you. I get excited coming to work because I get to see Beckie (that's me)." Everyone should be so lucky to have the child I have in my life.

I love you, too, Katherine!

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  1. What a great post. It has given me a lot to ponder on tonight. Thanks!