Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A new study

I am studying to write a young girl's Bible study.  Not for publication, mind you.  It will be for young girls that live in my area.

My quiet time with God is being spent learning and researching for this study.  I have purposefully asked God to use this study to teach me.

My life has been full of scheduling challenges lately.  These challenges make it difficult for me to stay focused on one thing.  So I have begun praying Psalm 5:1-3 each morning to slow me down and get my quiet time orderly.  

So I prayed Psalm 5 this morning.  Slowed down and then turned to Psalm 15 and used it to guide my prayer for myself this day.  

Fast forward to studying "the belt of truth".  I am looking up all scripture references to truth right now.  Very interesting to learn that the words faithfulness, fear God, honorably, trustworthy, integrity, assurance are all words used in the NIV translation for truth.  I will use that when explaining truth to the young girls.  

Even more interesting to me today:

     The first verse that uses the actual word "truth" in all the translations I am using is Psalm 15:2.
          "The one whose walk is blameless, who does what is righteous, who speaks
           the truth from their heart

I do believe I will use that Psalm to back up our lesson on putting on the belt of truth.   I think I may put the emphasis (mine) on THE TRUTH from their heart.

Study time.

I love that our God directs all of our steps if we let Him.

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