Friday, March 21, 2014

Who are the sailors in my life?

She Shares Truth

This writing is my response to studying Jonah 1&2

The sailors caught my attention.  I mean they really caught my attention.  So much that I simply outlined their part of the story.
1.  The sailors were just working in their jobs on the ship.
2.  A violent storm arose.
3. They turned from each other to follow theri own solution - idols in their lives
4.  Captain - the leader - asked Jonah questions
5.  Were given answers and a solution but didn't do it.
6.  Joined together - tried to row back to land - for a solution
7.  Cried out to God and basically said "OK, we'll do it your way"!
8.  Scared/afraid when the answer worked.
9.  They turned to God and made vows
              I wondered if they stay turned to God after this experience?

This week I kept coming back to the sailors.  I outlined their story.  Then I outlined Jonah's story.  Compared them.  Lined up how they were similar.  Took me straight to the cross and then took me right to God with the question, WHO ARE THE SAILORS IN MY LIFE?

Who are the people that are working/living life that I encounter every day?
     Do I bring a storm with me in that encounter because I have been disobedient?
          When I bring a storm, am I truthful when confronted about the storm?
               Do I offer a solution to the storm that will point the sailors in my life to God?
                    Do I allow the solution to be carried out so that the storm may pass?

I confess to this group that I do have a storm I've run from.  I was invited to prepare a CEU course several years ago.  I responded yes.  I did not have to respond with a yes.  It was a choice I made.  I never completed that project.  It is never far from my thoughts.  I do believe I have been disobedient.  I'm wondering -

What storms will be avoided if I purposefully choose to prepare the course?

Maybe the course will never be delivered BUT maybe the knowledge I receive while preparing will be used to glorify my Father.

Just maybe the engaging in study and preparation will open my eyes and ears to things I've never experienced.

Maybe the activity of learning at night will encourage my family to be more active (we are all kinda lazy right now).

Maybe responding to this call, this burden on my heart, will be liberating.  Maybe this will be life changing!


  1. Well done sis! I've got to say, this got me thinking. sigh!

  2. What a great question to ask yourself! Who are the sailors in my life? Thanks for sharing this perspective. What is a CEU coures btw? Blessings!

    1. Hey Lauren, a CEU course is a continuing education unit. Many people have to take a certain number of hours each year to keep their professional licenses/certifications. Great questions.

  3. Im really encouraged by this post. It seems God spoke something to you that a lot of the other women (myself included) didn't even touch on. Awesome insight. Seriously asking myself these same questions now!!

  4. What a unique take on this week's reading... I love it. What I love even more is the personal application you were able to draw. That's what it's all about, right? Great post, Bec!

  5. Thank you for the encouragement. First time responding and I was very nervous about writing.