Monday, April 28, 2014


When I think of Saturday I smile.  I did some HARD work.  Physical work.  I enjoyed almost every minute of it.  Near the end of the HARD work, I counted each thing I did.  If you had been inside my head you would have probably yelled - ENOUGH COUNTING ALREADY!!!!!!

A little information about a blue house.  There was a big bad hail storm in the year 2000.  This hail storm hammered a white siding house.  Destroyed one side of the siding and broke numerous windows.  It ruined a perfectly good roof, too.  Picking new siding was exciting.  The color seen on the color board was not the color of the siding when it arrived.  The color on the color board was a gray - a blue gray.  Well, the color, when enough siding for an entire house was delivered was blue.  Oh my, when timidity jumps in and no words come out the house changes from a beat up white house to a blue house.

Also, when a southern town has a very wet winter, green algae/mold will begin to show up on siding of a blue house.  On the white trim of windows and doors it just looks black.

So yesterday I decided it was time to clean up this blue house. I bought an attachment for our garden hose.  I was going to wash down my house with bleach and water.  I sprayed the entire back of my blue house and then waited for a little while.  Nothing really happened.  That's when I decided to just do some HARD work.

Rags, buckets, ladders, bleach, water, and some good physical labor.  And it was good.  I spent almost all of my time praying for people as I thought.  If someone popped into my mind I prayed for them. 

     Dusty, Dusty's mom (she fell Friday and shattered her hip), Tripp, Liz, Jack, Jeb, Lisa, Debbie, Morgan, my Pastor - Jeff, Lorie, momma, Cynthia, Jim, etc, etc, etc.  

And I sang the Fruit of Spirit song by Steve Green a gazillion times.  

And I thanked God for unexpected lessons seen in cleaning out gutters and washing away stains.  I thanked God for the physical abilities of walking, climbing, flexion, extension of all my limbs.  I thanked God for quiet and sweat and thirst and I don't even remember - oh for pinecones that helped steady a ladder.  And I thanked God and smiled when Jeb and Jack came back home and began to help me.

The last side of the blue house that was washed receives the morning sun when it is not cloudy.  It was the easiest to wash.  I was so glad because I was tired.  I thought - the sun dries away the dampness that leads to the mold/algae. The sun takes away the cause of the stains. 

AND that's when I learned a lesson I can share with others. 

It's a picture of how staying in the presence of the Sonlight just makes life better. 

  It was easier to clean the side of the blue house that almost always receives sunlight. 
  I need to stay in the presence of the Son because it will be easier to clean up when I mess up.

  The winter was cloudy/damp.  It was miserable and not fun at times.  But it didn't last.
             I need to remember the cloudy, damp, miserable, not fun times of life will not last.

  Bleach, water and some hard work turned the dirty house back to the blue house.    
             I need to allow the Son to do work in me when forgiveness is needed.

I thought and prayed:

     Help me stay in the light of your Son so that when I mess up, and I will, it will not be so difficult
     to be cleaned up.

          Help me when my life is cloudy/damp to not allow the dampness to become a part of me.

Help me to receive the Forgiveness Found in the Sonlight.
I have a clean blue house and  I have a story to share with my Young Girls' Bible study in the fall.  

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