Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Glimpse of Week 3 of THINK ABOUT SUCH THINGS

Monday, September 28th will be the third week of the Young Girls' Bible study -


Each week we go on a scavenger hunt during our actual lesson.  This helps cut down on the boredom that can come from sitting in one place for a long time.  We discover where to go by reading rhymes that I have written.  Below are the rhymes for this coming week when we will study the meanings of the words noble and right.

Before we move, before we go,
There are two words we must get to know.
So dig in and look up the words noble and right,
Then we will begin our hunt for the night.

We will use dictionaries and tablets to discover the English definitions of these words.  Then we will begin our scavenger hunt.  We used maps in week 2 to find our hunt locations.

There's another map around, I don't know where,
It may be in a box or under a chair,
You may not move until the leader says go,
But whoever finds it, will be the first in line to and fro!

After the map is found, we will line up and go to the next location where we will discover the Greek word for noble.  Then we will use a game of opposites to help us understand the Greek meaning of noble versus the English meaning of noble.  (We learned about TRUE in week 2.)

We've learned about TRUE and we've learned about NOBLE,
Let's pick up the pace and get really mobile.
Look around, maybe in a corner or two,
There are two standards waiting for you.

On standard is a picture of the earth,
It was drawn by your leader and is of little worth.
The second standard will teach us how to rally,
If we hurry up and do not dally.

We'll find the two standards and proceed to the next location and learn the Greek word for RIGHT and its meaning.  We'll compare the English to the Greek.

Afterwards we will read the last rhyme and head back to the classroom

In just a moment or maybe two
We'll walk back to our room and find a surprise for you.
But first we must line up and get super quiet,
No surprises will be given if there is a riot.

I learn so much studying for this class.  I am in awe of what God is doing not only in my life but in the lives of the young girls.  It is fun to be with them.  It is amazing to watch them learn.

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