Friday, September 25, 2015

Just Wondering - Genesis 40:1-23

I began reading Genesis on 07-23-2015.  My goal is to read the Bible a chapter at a time at the beginning of my quiet time.  I pray asking the Holy Spirit to teach me as if I've never read the reading before.  I have missed some days of doing this but I am in awe of what I am learning and how I've been able to apply this new understanding to my life.  I truly love how there is always new wisdom from scripture I have read so many times before.

Just going to put down some notes today -

vs. 1-4 Pharaoh is mad at the cupbearer and the chief baker - puts them in prison, Joseph attends them
I'm wondering:  when I get mad at family, friends, etc how do I put them in prison?
                          does putting someone in prison (in my mind, by my actions) help me keep that mad
                          do I attend (help) others when they have been put in prison because of someone's
                                    anger?  do I help them or jump into someone else's stuff and keep them 
                                    in prison?

vs. 5-23 Cupbearer and chief baker have dreams.  Joseph interprets them.  Asked to be remembered by the cupbearer.  Cupbearer restored to position but doesn't remember Joseph.
I'm wondering:     do I remember when others help me?  do I give credit to the source of my help? 

I am really pondering the putting someone in prison when I am mad/angry.  Sounds like rejection.  How do I feel when I am rejected?  How does it feel to reject someone? 

In the Young Girls' Bible study we talked about taking our thoughts captive (2 Cor 10:5).  How often do I take my thoughts captive to make them obedient to Christ, but instead of giving Christ my thoughts, I just put them in prison and then take them out and
                                                            chew on them at a later time.

Just wondering.

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