Friday, May 28, 2010

Being Still in the backyard

This morning I decided to to sit in my backyard with my Bible for my quiet time.

It's amazing what you can learn when you sit still for just a few moments.

On April 27th my family lost a dear friend. He weighed about 80 pounds, had brown hair, brown eyes, and smiled when he looked at you. His name was Otter. Otter was with our family for 13 1/2 years. He was the very first dog my boys ever had. My family has been grieving over his lost for a month now. Some days we just laugh about all the things he use to do and some times we shed some tears and our talk is quiet.

A couple of days after he died and we buried him in the backyard near a dogwood tree, I went to a local nursery to buy a plant or two to mark his grave. I told the lady at the nursery that the spot never received any sunlight. She looked at me kinda funny and asked if I was sure. I was very sure.

This morning during my time with God watching his sunlight begin to creep in my yard I was amazed to see just a little light fall right on the plants. As I have continued to watch the sun shine brighter and brighter on the plants that should receive no sunlight, I've thought of how God pours His blessings on me and on others when we never know it is happening because we are not being still enough to see it.

I guess I will go back to the nursery and tell the lady that my plants are receiving full sunlight every morning. I will ask her if she has another plant that I can plant that will thrive in that spot.

This has been just another ramble but what a lesson for me to Be Still and not just know He is God but to look for God.

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