Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finding REST

Today I don't have much time to actually type out the scripture for my next Hebrew word so if someone is reading this you will have to look up and read for yourself the following:

Jeremiah 47:6
Psalm 37:7
Joshua 10:13
Joshua 10:12
Exodus 15:16

Actually I will come back later and type it all out because I want it here for me, too.

The Hebrew word in these verses - damam (1957)

to be still, be silent, be quiet, rest, find rest, keeps quiet, rest, silence, stand still, stops, wait, waiting in silence

I have a very dear friend, Carrie. She is in the last stage of a lung disease. BUT she is not in the last stage of life.

She went to a doctor's appointment this past week. One of our friends went with her to support her and to hear what the doctor would say. The friend said after much paper shuffling by the doctor, when he could not really find the words to say, beautiful sweet Carrie leaned forward and said to the doctor, "You need to know that I am not afraid. It is going to be alright."

What a wonderful witness she is to her friends and to her doctor. She is finding rest in her LORD.

She is one of the examples in my life of BEING STILL in the LORD!

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