Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Be Restless, Wiggly, Jumpy

My quiet time is different every morning. It usually starts the same way and sometimes I study the same topic/word/etc for quite awhile. BUT. . . I do really try to allow the Holy Spirit to direct me. If I feel the urge to pray, I will stop what I am doing and go to the spot where I really pray. If I feel led to leave a study and just read a certain passage and meditate on it, I do that.

Today has been different. I have been meditating on some things said at my Bible study last night. The main focus is how we change the meanings of words. I pulled out my copy of C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity last night with the goal of actually reading the whole book this time. He talks about how the definition of the word "gentleman" changed. (Read the intro if you want specifics).

Made me ponder how we update the Word of God. Now before I hear anything from someone about how great this or that translation is - actually I'm not hearing from anyone so before I start telling myself which translation I just love - I know the people who have given us different versions supposedly really searched for the correct words to use in translation. But if I just always take someone else's word without searching out meaning for myself, aren't I just selling God short? (Ramble, ramble)

Back to Restless, Wiggly, Jumpy!!

In Psalm 83:1 the psalmist uses the word NOT three times. "Do not" implies "DO". So I started looking up the opposite of the words I found in my concordance. I looked up a whole bunch of words.

The word I am studying right now is: STILL.


I loved that. Instead of saying to my God "O God, be not still." I can say,

"O God, be RESTLESS!"

"O God, be WIGGLY!"

"O God, be JUMPY!"

I like thinking that my God will be RESTLESS, WIGGLY, AND JUMPY on my behalf.

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