Friday, May 30, 2014

A LITTLE BIT MORE. . . . . .

We’re leaving the room and this you know
Walking not running is the way to go. (drawing goes here)
This will be fun
          This will be exciting
                   This walking we’ll do
                             Is so inviting.

“Inviting?”, You say.  “What do you mean?
Walking is boring and makes me turn green.” (green little girl)

Who wants to walk when there is running to do.
What fun can I find in following you?

When will we move, shake, rattle, and roll?  (I can see lots of girls shaking)
Where is the prize at the end of this stroll?

Why? Oh why, must I move so slowly,
How do I do it without getting holey?   (a holey child)

We will move, 
      we will shake, 
              we will rattle, 
                     we will roll!

As we move toward the prize of this short stroll.
Now order yourselves in a very straight line,
Follow your leader and please do not whine.

You will walk in line to the lawn at your church
Where a clue is awaiting you on a high perch.

(At this point the girls will line up and go outside of their church.  The clue will be "perched" on something high.  This is where the girls will learn about the first of four Greek words meaning love.  "EROS"


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